Really Pleasant

- Jen Aginuan
We moved in recently & so far, so good!
The location is convenient & access to public transportation is readily available. There are many nearby restaurants & stores. The area is easily walkable (& appears to be relatively safe). The rental office (& all the staff we have encountered)have been very accommodating, friendly & welcoming. It seems to be a quiet & respectful atmosphere. The building, elevators, common (& outside) areas are clean & well maintained. The door staff & maintainance people have been enthusiastic & helpful. The city views are really beautiful. The dove grey walls & espresso floors are sophisticated & elegant. The kitchen (while small) is very attractive. We love having an in-unit laundry & convenient trash/recycling. The dog park, is a super feature (esp. late at night). The system for deliveries, has been great. We really like the delivery notification board, in the mailbox area. We also love the dedicated parking space, exclusive to the building. There is a lovely lounge/office area on the 1st floor, as well as a really nice looking gym, that we have not used yet (but really should). The
in-building dry cleaners are an other bonus. There are other pluses, but "so far, so good"!